Catching up on life. I’m alive!


1. I have to warn you, I am no less motivated than I was in my last blog post. (Uh,  back in June, approximately almost three months ago, apparently.) What happened?

2. Where does time go? Why cannot I just make it stop for a little while? Why does it have to be August 27th? Why is it already a little bit chilly outside at night? Why can’t I move back to LAST Saturday night when I was sitting on a Zona Rosa bench with two lovely Colleens eating some quite amazing Red Velvet frozen yogurt? Hmmm? August, don’t end. Heck, I was wish JUNE hadn’t ended. Alright, I’m over it, moving on.

3. Although I am in denial that this week will mark the beginning of September, there are some beautiful things to be thankful for. For one thing, it will soon be jeans and sweatshirts weather again. I realize that I am not in college anymore, nor have I been in quite awhile now that I think about it, but I still can’t get over my love of college comfort. For another thing, it will be sweater weather soon. Mmmmmm I LOVE sweaters almost as much as I love sweatshirts. Okay.

4. Do you want to know something? As I am sitting on my back patio, there are several bachelors having a bachelor cookout speaking French in the townhouse next to me. Whhaaat? But their BBQ smells ammmazing.

5. Back to Fall. Now, why have I never tried something this? Apple Cider Floats? Pure genius. I’m betting that some alcohol wouldn’t hurt in these, either.




6. While I am still drooling over these, I have to say that I am NOT HAPPY that I MISSED Pioneer Woman’s opening show on food network this a.m. Not that I have cable anyway, but that’s what gyms with free cable are for. Not to work out in, no sirree, that’s for sure.

7. Speaking of food, I have been under the weather for a while now . . . those two things together do not make any sense I realize . . . anyway. It basically means that I haven’t felt like eating in ages. Which has royally been not fun at all. But, lo and behold, I felt hungry tonight! So, what’s a KC girl to do? Go to T.G.I Friday’s and get a KC BBQ burger! Now, Friday’s does not have the best burgers in the world, but that’s really that’s all around here in suburban Mason, OH, so you have to roll with it . . . except that I could barely taste the BBQ. What’s a BBQ burger without the BBQ? Good thing I keep REAL KC BBQ sauce in my fridge for desperate times like these.

8. I have a thing for yellow dresses.

You can never have too many yellow dresses in your life. Never.


Too bad I don’t own any of these. Sigh.

9. I have a piano! I have actually had a piano since January but my lil piano has been getting kind of dusty lately. But no more. When I was home recently my mom informed me that I could take her old, gigantic two-volume church music books back to O-hio with me. So, I said yes, of course. Now, I did not quite take in account that when you fly you can only take one carry on and one “personal item.” So, I shoved my shoulder duffel bag and my laptop bag FULL of necessities, to be sure. It was darn heavy. Both of them. Sad day: I did not take into account that the Charlotte, NC airport does not have a shuttle between terminals. Ouch. Ouch. I am still in pain.

10. but never fear, do you know what is awesome for pain, or being sick, or just a warm fall night? Or any time of the year night? This.

This, my friend, will be your best friend for life. It’s over. If you’ve never heard of corn bag warmers then you have just discovered one of the best discoveries of your life. Congratulations.

11. I think ten was enough.


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