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June 3, 2011


I am running out of exciting things to blog about. I sat here, in my living room, eating rye bread, for 3 whole minutes trying to come out with something to write about. And it didn’t happen. The whole point of this blog is to keep you updated on my life since I live a gazillion and a half miles away, and I must not lead an exciting life! …. if I can’t even think of a title for this blog post.

Alright, I’m sure you’re just as tired of reading about my non-exciting life as I of thinking about it. So, let’s move on.

For starters, in case you didn’t know….I am NOT a gazillion and a half miles away. I am home in Kansas City, the city of fountains. I am fascinated by new places, different cultures, food, and beautiful open spaces. So, I’m here in KC just letting some good ol’ culture sink in.

Cultural item number one. Gardens. These are a big part of any city, and you will be happy to know that I spent at least 6 hours in three different Gardens on Memorial Day. Yes. 6 hours. I went to the Kauffman’s gravesites, too. Sad thing: I don’t even know who the Kauffman’s are. All I know is that have a huge foundation and that our baseball stadium is named after them.

Second item: the Royals. Now. This is kind of a slightly bitter topic because I am not one to cheer for two baseball teams. It just feels cheater-like. After already having decided to become a Reds fan, it seems a little bittersweet to head downtown to watch the Royals play. But I like the Royals. Problem?

Festivals. These are amazing. I’m heading to Festa Italiana tonight….mmmmhmmmm. I. LOVE. Italian. Food.

You know what I have been dying for? Some amazing BBQ and a fat, huge burger with blue cheese and bacon. Hello, summertime. Some interesting places that I’ve decided to hit up while I’m home:

Yes, Oklahoma Joe’s. Arguably the best BBQ in KC…in a gas station.


KC Blues meets BBQ. I’ve never been here, but I am certainly dying to go.