Friday, Friday….

Seven Quick Takes Friday

1. This song is, once again, stuck in my head. It was introduced to me a month or so ago while I was teaching in a high school and ever since that fateful day….

2. This movie never gets old. “I came to Italy for you . . .”

3. I made these tonight . . .

4. I was in a girls high school this week. I am thoroughly exhausted. Getting up at 6 a.m. never gets easy for me, and in fact it probably gets considerably worse as the school year comes to a close. But, Praise God, it was an awesome week. These kind of comments left on our evaluations make it worth it: “I have a boyfriend who wants me to give him oral sex. I will now say NO. Thank you so much!”

5. Speaking of women, and chastity, this is currently on my nightstand:

6. I love Pope John Paul II.

“Meanwhile, you always step aside for Someone

from beyond,

who closes the door of your small room.

His coming softens with each step

and with this silence strikes

the target of the depths.”

Wow? I love him. Love him.

7. Weekends are a beautiful thing. I am ready for this one.


One Comment to “Friday, Friday….”

  1. aaaaaaah not that song again! I spent weeks and weeks with it stuck in my head. You should check out the Steven Colbert version…

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