Seven Quick Takes….Tuesday.

 7 Quick Takes Tuesday. 

1. Why Tuesday? Well, it sounds pretty schnazzy. Second of all, I am a procrastinator. But, most importantly, I actually have an excuse for my procrastination: I was in Virginia this weekend! Pretty exciting. I fell in love with VA all over again in the three days I spent admiring the Shenendoah Valley and the sunsets settling over the mountains.

2. Check this out:  I have fallen in love with this picture, but the issue is I don’t know where it is. I didn’t actually take this picture, due to my partly broken camera that’s been sitting and getting beat up in my purse for the past 9 months or so,  but I am quite sure, based on what I DID see, that it’s quite possible that something this beautiful does exist in this country. Matt insisted that his taking a shower was more important than driving on Skyline Drive. If this picture happens to be of Skyline Drive, I might possibly kill him the next time I come to Front Royal.

3. I stayed home from school today because I’m a woman, and I REALLY don’t feel well. I’m not looking forward to facing the possible wrath of my co-worker tomorrow. Men just can’t understand.

4. Last night night and the whole two hours of sleep and six tylenol has driven to finally consider “it”: the pink book.

5.  I work for a pregnancy center. Which always leads me to have interesting facebook ads. The latest: “Earn 35k by becoming a surrogate mother.” Uh, thanks but no thanks.

6. I am addicted to the Food Network Magazine and Everyday with Rachael Ray. My latest Food Network issue had some amazingly scrumptious-looking quick breads. Yep, this is it.

7. How incredibly beautiful. 


One Comment to “Seven Quick Takes….Tuesday.”

  1. Sorry about the horrible girl parts of the month. 😦 Not that this really helps you at this point, but since having kids mine have improved 100x over. It’s more like “I feel icky” instead of laying on the couch moaning for the first 2 days…
    So maybe you *should* do that surrogate thing! 😉 😉

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