Food. Of course.

You know you’re a ridiculous foodie when:

– You watch the Food Network while you’re on the treadmill. [Defeats the purpose, if you ask me, as I’m bound to walk out with at least three new luxurious (translation: butter-laden) recipes to try.

– You write to the folks at the Rachael Ray magazine to tell them that their new cover design . . . well . . . could use another new makeover.

– You watch America’s Test Kitchen while you write blog posts.

– You stalk Pioneer Woman’s website like it’s your business. It practically is.

– You want Paula Deen to be your grandmother.

– You travel across the city to buy pumpkin because your local grocery store only sells it “in season.” In season? When is canned pumpkin NOT in season? You can always use some chocolate chip pumpkin bread in your life.

– You adore JuuuuuLYA Child. [That was an attempt to imitate her voice, in case you’re wondering if I’ve gone crazy and you’re just missing something.]

– You define your mood by what kind of food you are craving.

– You can’t live without chocolate.

– You love alcohol. All kinds of it. You put it in smoothies, in pies etc. just whatever floats your boat. Yep, that’s me.


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