Important Things – and Numbers

A couple of important things:

1) I have officially upped my Cincinnati-ness. This means that I have darkened the doors of Price Hill Chili, tried “Goetta” for the first time and am in the midst of buying a Cincinnati Reds t-shirt. This is kind of big deal. 

This is the local West Side Cincinnati family establishment known as Price Hill Chili. It’s one of those unique, one-of-a-kind diners that’s legendary in its city. [Side not: keep in mind that I’m saying this not necessarily because I know this but because it’s what people have told me. Okay.] So, I traveled across to the West Side and had some “chastity educator” hang out time with our partners in crime at Pregnancy Center West at Price Hill Chili. It was a good time. PHC reminds me somewhat of places that you would find in Kearney — maybe like….Outlaw’s BBQ (except not BBQ) or those VFW spaghetti dinners they have at the depot? (or at least it’s the same concept). Homesick moment. It also reminds me of something you would find in the middle of nowhere small-town Nebraska, the same family-style feel that you would have there, except in a city…which is kind of a rare find. Anyway, the point is that I enjoyed it, except that I feel like an outsider looking in to this entire Cincinnati concept. Which makes me miss small-town Missouri and rural Nebraska traditions and feels like none other. However, I am really enjoying being in this city. It still does not feel like home, but it’s the people that it make it home.

Moving on: this is Goetta.

Goetta is odd. Cincinnati chili is odd. There is pretty much no other way to explain it. I don’t like Cincinnati chili – I just can’t do it. It’s weird. Goetta….is odd. I don’t not-like it, but I wouldn’t say I was really into it either. It’s an interesting combo of sausage, irish kind of style oats, and just mouth-coating butter. I think I could get used to it, but for the time being I’d still rather sit down and eat some normal breakfast sausage. At lunch yesterday three of us chastity educators had never tried the stuff, so that was a pretty sweet experience, and the other chastity educator (Cincinnati native) asked, “What? They don’t have this in other parts of the country?”  . . . No, they sure don’t. Even my Dad and Grandma are 100% German and have never tried Goetta. It’s odd.

Opening day for the Reds is tomorrow. I have a confession to make: I like the Reds. Don’t. Shoot. Me.

2) In other life-news, I have gotten back on my Soy Milk kick. I am addicted, which is semi too bad because it is much more expensive than regular milk. But I’m sold. I’m almost through an entire gallon and it’s only Wednesday. “Soy protein” just sounds good. It IS good.

3) I’m not sure what number three should be…I just heard somewhere that it is not grammatically correct to use numbers unless you have at least three of them. Well, this is your third. 🙂


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