7 Quick Takes Friday

7 Quick Takes

1. Yes, my blog indeed is turning into a once-a-week thing. I dig “7 quick takes.”

2. Wow! What a week; I am so blessed. I love how my hardest weeks are also somehow the most rewarding weeks, which I suppose is the way that it goes. I worked three thirteen hour days in a row, with nine classes and 290 students back-to-back. This would explain why I just woke up from a two hour “nap” on a Friday night. My dad thought I was crazy.

3. I will spare you the questions asked by our freshmen boys this week.

4. I have recently discovered that there is a Smoothie King a mile and a half away from me??! How have I lived here a year now and never figured that out?

5. Today is the Feast of the Annunciation. I celebrated it with Starbucks. (…and Mass…..I know what you were thinking!) jk.

6. My co-worker remarked this week that I am a lot more fun to teach with when I have had some alcohol in my system. I rarely do the “drink and teach” thing, but it was needed this week.

7. I am five pages into Jesus of Nazareth. Go me. ?


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