7 Quick Takes Friday

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Lent. I love it, and I love-it-not. I’m sure the entire world has something of this sentiment inside of them, so it’s absolutely nothing new. I thought I’d just point it out. I love it for the time spent with Christ, and this awesome post by Monsignor Pope really drove it home for me: serenity. What an awesome thing to contemplate.

2. I just finished watching America’s Test Kitchen, in which they made Upside Down Apple Cake. Bad idea in Lent, but check out this amazing Apple Slicer from Williams Sonoma.

3. Speaking of apples, and Williams Sonoma, this Apple Pancake looks to-die for. Breakfast is possibly the best meal of the day. Sunday brunch? Heck yes.

4. St. Patrick’s Day and St. Joseph’s Day are coming up this week! Brings me back to many Kansas City childhood memories . . . Snake Saturday was my Dad’s favorite tradition, and St. Joseph’s Day tables were my dear Mother’s. Here in Cincy the St. Patrick’s Day parade tradition is strong. [In fact, I will be even be IN one for the first time this year!  Yep, my pregnancy center is having a float. . . adorable. ]

Alas, though, St. Joseph’s Day tables do not seem to be a thing here. I’ve been searching online for a whole 10 minutes trying to find even hint of Italian-ness here in Germantown, USA , aka Cincinnati, OH, but to no avail. I don’t get it.

5.  Super excited to get my copy of this book! Part of my “Lenten thing” and one of the more “I love it” parts of my Lent.

6. I am currently on Day Two of my 7 Day Free Trial at Urban Active. Two days and going strong . . . yeah, two days, how does that sound? More on the fitness horizon: I’ve ordered an (apparently?) slightly more rigorous version of the thirty day shred. Jillian, you might kill me. Or I might kill you first. Whatever happens, happens. I don’t exactly know why I decided to step it up, being as I never actually made it through the first thirty days, but oh well. It’s the “new and shiny” (not really) sanguine “gotta have the thrill-ness” concept in me coming out.

7. I just found out that my roommate is heading to Lesterville, MO in a few weeks. Rolling hills, pine trees, roaring rivers, the beautiful Ozarks. . . Missouri how I miss you.




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