Thursday Happenings . . .

Stepping off the beaten path….PANERA instead of Starbucks. Go figure! Ha. Ha. Ha. Not funny at all.

I was just reading through a couple of blogs, and of course people are all writing about what they’re doing/giving up for Lent etc. and I was shocked as to how many people had decided to give up coffee during Lent donate the amount of money to a specific charity. Now, that’s not what I decided to do for Lent, but it definitely had me thinking about how much $$$ I spend on coffee . . . each week. It’s a lot. You know your students are onto something when you walk into class with a coffee cup and they’re like “DD!” You went to Dunkin Donuts AGAIN!” Well, yes, I did. Can I help it if there have been TWO Dunkin Donuts stores that have opened up near me in the past couple of weeks, and that they both have sent me coupons in the mail to save a whole 30 cents on a cup of coffee or bagel? (and thus me to actually go there and spend $10 there that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise). Yes, I can. My fault. I’ve heard guys tell other guys all the time “You have to fast if you want to be chaste. How can you say no to porn etc. if you can’t say no to a piece of pizza?” Good call. Good thought for a woman, too, although not buying coffee isn’t exactly on the same plane as fasting all day . . . but still. I suppose I can learn to make coffee at home a little more often.

And that was my random thought for the day.

Questions from my 7th & 8th graders this morning? “Are you going to give us condoms? Is talking about sex awkward for you? Are Alicia and Rocky married? Is Alicia a virgin? Does Rocky surf?” Just thought I’d share. Just thought you’d like a taste of my Ohio life . . .


2 Comments to “Thursday Happenings . . .”

  1. I MISS Dunkin Donuts! The one thing I loved about Front Royal. I don’t know of any on the Kansas side of KC.

    LOL @ your students. Chastity education =/= condoms…

  2. What?! We don’t have any near our house, but I know they’re out there somewhere . . . the only complaint I have with DD is the fact that their “small” cup of coffee is pretty darn small. Other than that, great stuff 🙂

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