Seven Quick Takes

Seven Quick Takes Friday

1. I dislike rain. I much prefer snow, or even more so, snow days. Nothing like rain to put a damper on the weekend; it simply encourages me to drink hot chocolate, eat peanut butter m&ms, and stay in bed <– this also might have to do with the fact that it’s “that time of the month” (is there a better way to refer to this? If so, tell me. Quickly). Either way, that’s what I am currently doing. And the rain sure doesn’t help.

2. My latest musical inclination happens to be towards the Avett Brothers. Yes.

3. Wednesday was a beautiful day – sunny, cloudless, and ever so slightly warm. I loved it! It was the perfect day to take my lunch break and drive through some highway-ed countryside, attempting to find something of rural Missouri in southern Ohio.

4. I still haven’t finished Pioneer Woman’s new book, but it’s ALMOST THERE. I’m fighting my sanguine tendencies to start one million books and finish just two of them.

5. Question Box Friday: “If you save sex for marriage and marry your soulmate will you die from having sex too much with your soulmate?” Some days you just lose it. Today was one of those days.

6. However, you know you have it good when a 7th grader comes up to you, gives you a hug, and says “Mmmm you smell nice, like jolly ranchers.”

7. I like the idea of Seven Quick Takes. It might turn into my entire, once-a-week blog. Ha.


One Comment to “Seven Quick Takes”

  1. I usually refer to her as AF (short for Aunt Flo). as in, “AF is visiting this week. She’s such a witch!”

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