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March 31, 2011

Important Things – and Numbers

A couple of important things:

1) I have officially upped my Cincinnati-ness. This means that I have darkened the doors of Price Hill Chili, tried “Goetta” for the first time and am in the midst of buying a Cincinnati Reds t-shirt. This is kind of big deal. 

This is the local West Side Cincinnati family establishment known as Price Hill Chili. It’s one of those unique, one-of-a-kind diners that’s legendary in its city. [Side not: keep in mind that I’m saying this not necessarily because I know this but because it’s what people have told me. Okay.] So, I traveled across to the West Side and had some “chastity educator” hang out time with our partners in crime at Pregnancy Center West at Price Hill Chili. It was a good time. PHC reminds me somewhat of places that you would find in Kearney — maybe like….Outlaw’s BBQ (except not BBQ) or those VFW spaghetti dinners they have at the depot? (or at least it’s the same concept). Homesick moment. It also reminds me of something you would find in the middle of nowhere small-town Nebraska, the same family-style feel that you would have there, except in a city…which is kind of a rare find. Anyway, the point is that I enjoyed it, except that I feel like an outsider looking in to this entire Cincinnati concept. Which makes me miss small-town Missouri and rural Nebraska traditions and feels like none other. However, I am really enjoying being in this city. It still does not feel like home, but it’s the people that it make it home.

Moving on: this is Goetta.

Goetta is odd. Cincinnati chili is odd. There is pretty much no other way to explain it. I don’t like Cincinnati chili – I just can’t do it. It’s weird. Goetta….is odd. I don’t not-like it, but I wouldn’t say I was really into it either. It’s an interesting combo of sausage, irish kind of style oats, and just mouth-coating butter. I think I could get used to it, but for the time being I’d still rather sit down and eat some normal breakfast sausage. At lunch yesterday three of us chastity educators had never tried the stuff, so that was a pretty sweet experience, and the other chastity educator (Cincinnati native) asked, “What? They don’t have this in other parts of the country?”  . . . No, they sure don’t. Even my Dad and Grandma are 100% German and have never tried Goetta. It’s odd.

Opening day for the Reds is tomorrow. I have a confession to make: I like the Reds. Don’t. Shoot. Me.

2) In other life-news, I have gotten back on my Soy Milk kick. I am addicted, which is semi too bad because it is much more expensive than regular milk. But I’m sold. I’m almost through an entire gallon and it’s only Wednesday. “Soy protein” just sounds good. It IS good.

3) I’m not sure what number three should be…I just heard somewhere that it is not grammatically correct to use numbers unless you have at least three of them. Well, this is your third. 🙂

March 26, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 Quick Takes

1. Yes, my blog indeed is turning into a once-a-week thing. I dig “7 quick takes.”

2. Wow! What a week; I am so blessed. I love how my hardest weeks are also somehow the most rewarding weeks, which I suppose is the way that it goes. I worked three thirteen hour days in a row, with nine classes and 290 students back-to-back. This would explain why I just woke up from a two hour “nap” on a Friday night. My dad thought I was crazy.

3. I will spare you the questions asked by our freshmen boys this week.

4. I have recently discovered that there is a Smoothie King a mile and a half away from me??! How have I lived here a year now and never figured that out?

5. Today is the Feast of the Annunciation. I celebrated it with Starbucks. (…and Mass…..I know what you were thinking!) jk.

6. My co-worker remarked this week that I am a lot more fun to teach with when I have had some alcohol in my system. I rarely do the “drink and teach” thing, but it was needed this week.

7. I am five pages into Jesus of Nazareth. Go me. ?

March 13, 2011

Jesus, help me to simplify my life by learning what you want me to be and becoming that person.”  – Saint Therese of Lisieux

March 12, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Lent. I love it, and I love-it-not. I’m sure the entire world has something of this sentiment inside of them, so it’s absolutely nothing new. I thought I’d just point it out. I love it for the time spent with Christ, and this awesome post by Monsignor Pope really drove it home for me: serenity. What an awesome thing to contemplate.

2. I just finished watching America’s Test Kitchen, in which they made Upside Down Apple Cake. Bad idea in Lent, but check out this amazing Apple Slicer from Williams Sonoma.

3. Speaking of apples, and Williams Sonoma, this Apple Pancake looks to-die for. Breakfast is possibly the best meal of the day. Sunday brunch? Heck yes.

4. St. Patrick’s Day and St. Joseph’s Day are coming up this week! Brings me back to many Kansas City childhood memories . . . Snake Saturday was my Dad’s favorite tradition, and St. Joseph’s Day tables were my dear Mother’s. Here in Cincy the St. Patrick’s Day parade tradition is strong. [In fact, I will be even be IN one for the first time this year!  Yep, my pregnancy center is having a float. . . adorable. ]

Alas, though, St. Joseph’s Day tables do not seem to be a thing here. I’ve been searching online for a whole 10 minutes trying to find even hint of Italian-ness here in Germantown, USA , aka Cincinnati, OH, but to no avail. I don’t get it.

5.  Super excited to get my copy of this book! Part of my “Lenten thing” and one of the more “I love it” parts of my Lent.

6. I am currently on Day Two of my 7 Day Free Trial at Urban Active. Two days and going strong . . . yeah, two days, how does that sound? More on the fitness horizon: I’ve ordered an (apparently?) slightly more rigorous version of the thirty day shred. Jillian, you might kill me. Or I might kill you first. Whatever happens, happens. I don’t exactly know why I decided to step it up, being as I never actually made it through the first thirty days, but oh well. It’s the “new and shiny” (not really) sanguine “gotta have the thrill-ness” concept in me coming out.

7. I just found out that my roommate is heading to Lesterville, MO in a few weeks. Rolling hills, pine trees, roaring rivers, the beautiful Ozarks. . . Missouri how I miss you.



March 10, 2011

Thursday Happenings . . .

Stepping off the beaten path….PANERA instead of Starbucks. Go figure! Ha. Ha. Ha. Not funny at all.

I was just reading through a couple of blogs, and of course people are all writing about what they’re doing/giving up for Lent etc. and I was shocked as to how many people had decided to give up coffee during Lent donate the amount of money to a specific charity. Now, that’s not what I decided to do for Lent, but it definitely had me thinking about how much $$$ I spend on coffee . . . each week. It’s a lot. You know your students are onto something when you walk into class with a coffee cup and they’re like “DD!” You went to Dunkin Donuts AGAIN!” Well, yes, I did. Can I help it if there have been TWO Dunkin Donuts stores that have opened up near me in the past couple of weeks, and that they both have sent me coupons in the mail to save a whole 30 cents on a cup of coffee or bagel? (and thus me to actually go there and spend $10 there that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise). Yes, I can. My fault. I’ve heard guys tell other guys all the time “You have to fast if you want to be chaste. How can you say no to porn etc. if you can’t say no to a piece of pizza?” Good call. Good thought for a woman, too, although not buying coffee isn’t exactly on the same plane as fasting all day . . . but still. I suppose I can learn to make coffee at home a little more often.

And that was my random thought for the day.

Questions from my 7th & 8th graders this morning? “Are you going to give us condoms? Is talking about sex awkward for you? Are Alicia and Rocky married? Is Alicia a virgin? Does Rocky surf?” Just thought I’d share. Just thought you’d like a taste of my Ohio life . . .

March 5, 2011

Seven Quick Takes

Seven Quick Takes Friday

1. I dislike rain. I much prefer snow, or even more so, snow days. Nothing like rain to put a damper on the weekend; it simply encourages me to drink hot chocolate, eat peanut butter m&ms, and stay in bed <– this also might have to do with the fact that it’s “that time of the month” (is there a better way to refer to this? If so, tell me. Quickly). Either way, that’s what I am currently doing. And the rain sure doesn’t help.

2. My latest musical inclination happens to be towards the Avett Brothers. Yes.

3. Wednesday was a beautiful day – sunny, cloudless, and ever so slightly warm. I loved it! It was the perfect day to take my lunch break and drive through some highway-ed countryside, attempting to find something of rural Missouri in southern Ohio.

4. I still haven’t finished Pioneer Woman’s new book, but it’s ALMOST THERE. I’m fighting my sanguine tendencies to start one million books and finish just two of them.

5. Question Box Friday: “If you save sex for marriage and marry your soulmate will you die from having sex too much with your soulmate?” Some days you just lose it. Today was one of those days.

6. However, you know you have it good when a 7th grader comes up to you, gives you a hug, and says “Mmmm you smell nice, like jolly ranchers.”

7. I like the idea of Seven Quick Takes. It might turn into my entire, once-a-week blog. Ha.