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February 20, 2011

One of those Starbucks posts…

Well, it’s a rainy, chilly Sunday afternoon on a long three-day weekend (yes!….about the three-day weekend, not the rain OR the cold for that matter), so what’s a gal to do? Go to Starbucks, of course. So here I am, writing on my sorely-neglected blog on a somewhat unpleasant afternoon drinking a $4.25 white raspberry mocha. But it’s good, make no mistake about that. Starbucks’ espresso is rarely a disappointment. Add on: there is an adorable girl, whose dad is calling her “Maggie Mae” running joyfully around the shop with a tiger-esque sweatsuit and a pink bow in her hair. Beautiful.

Before I check my email and get on facebook  – ….and perhaps drain my day away…. – I will add that despite the cold and unpleasantness, I am a happy chick. Why?

<– Because this would be what’s in front of me right now. And this. YES! I have two signed copies of these books, written by a couple of my favorite female bloggers. Apparently I’ve been  on  a mission lately. I met Dorothy Cummings at the Edith Stein project at Notre Dame last weekend, and Ree Drummond this past Friday (sort of, semi-long story). Lovely ladies. Dorothy has inspired me to write my own “10 Great Things about Being Single” and Ree inspired me to make this yummy, amazingly cheesy queso dip:

On a slightly different note, I went to Notre Dame last weekend for a conference on femininity…..and now my heart has been sufficiently stolen. At the risk of possibly sounding like a spoiled, single 24 year-old female,  I think I might cry (or least be slightly depressed) if I can’t go to grad school soon. Among some other things, too. *Sigh* But, my desire to stay $40K out of debt might be stronger at this point. *Facepalm.*