I’m going to start out….

…. On a rather depressing note: I have just fallen in love with the Starbucks holiday gingerbread . . . at the end of the holidays. Sigh.

On a much more happier note: I have the day off of work today. Downside: I must work 12 hours tomorrow. Upside: I have missed the craziness of my coworker, and I’m slightly excited to see the ecstatic looks on my 6th graders faces and find out what the kids Christmas present craze of 2010 was. Pillow pets?!

Today is going to be a beautiful day because I am going to put on an apron, drink a glass of Riesling, and make this.

This, my dear friends, is Pioneer Woman’s lasagna. There are very few things in life better than Italian food. And that’s all I have to say. My dear Madre got me Pioneer Woman’s cookbook for Christmas (along with other “weapons” like a microplane zester that I unable to take with me on the plane), and I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing through it and dreaming of a day when I have my own “farmhouse” where I can leisurely (ha, just humor me here) relax on my hypothetical wrap around porch at the crack of dawn with a cookbook and a mug of coffee thinking of the fabulous things that I will be making for dinner that night.

Back to reality.

I live in the suburbs with Wal-Mart and Urban Active just a half a mile away. And I have a day  job. And not a lot of time to dream of my country wonderland.

But before I start to make myself unhappy, I have a beautiful life filled with joy and peace right now and what more could a girl possibly ask for?

Maybe Cinnamon Rolls, but that’s about it.

Happy New Year!


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