Merry Thoughts on a December Night

I’ve been intending to blog now for the past three days. In fact, I have even gone so far to pull up my page and begin to type a post several times, but for some reason I’ve never actually completed it. “Some reason” = I usually don’t start until late at night and sleep usually wins out when I start getting tired and I haven’t had anything super terribly exciting to blog about. So there you have it.

Being as it’s 11:10 p.m. and I still don’t have anything wonderfully exciting to talk about this could end up being a very short post. Hmmmm.

….I cleaned my apartment today. Yep. I know.

In other good news, I have had the last few nights relatively off (I might ask myself why it took me so long to clean my apartment…?) and really just had a chance to relax, drink some peppermint schnapps, read a good book or two, watch a cooking show, buy a tiny Christmas tree, and catch up on some of my friends’ lives. It’s been a good week.

I lost a bet with my co-worker. I owe him Starbucks. When you work in chastity education, you need a lot of caffeine and a good laugh every once in a while. I got some of both today.

7th grader: “If you have sex with one person, and then break up, and then have sex with another person and have a baby will the baby look at all look like the first person you had sex with?” I thought Rocky was going to lose it. Where do kids get questions like this anyway?

Whoever invented the eggnog-whiskey combo was brill-i-ant. I had some, actually a lot, at a friend’s party last week, and am blissfully looking forward to it next week as well. Christmastime, how I love thee…


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