Catholic Stuff and Fall-ish Things

*Yawn.* It’s 7:57 p.m on a Sunday night, and I’m wishing that it were 5:00 p.m. on a Friday. Always a great way to start the week. I’m tired, and so just a forewarning: this blog post is going to be random and will probably include misspelled words and lazy grammar.

First off, I’ve lived in my new apartment since June now and 1) I still haven’t put a picture up yet 2) I still haven’t put my bed together 3) Still haven’t hung anything on the walls, and 4) Don’t have a pizza cutter anymore. The 4th one is only relevant because I happen to be eating pizza right now, and just noticed that I’m missing a key utensil. Apparently I haven’t eaten pizza here since June. Okay then.

Secondly, I just remembered that I have to get up at 6:45 a.m. tomorrow morning to teach. I’m in denial.

Thirdly, there are several things I don’t understand in life. One of them is ipads. Why? Just buy a mac or use your iphone. Another one of them is why whenever you take an afternoon nap you always wake up with a headache and are even more tired than your pre-nap stage.

Moving on to more important things. Like attempting to stay in shape. I’m currently on day four of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, except that I have actually only done days one and two. Nice. Can I just childishly vent for a moment here? It really annoys me when runners tell other people that once you start running, you will learn to love it. WHATever. I don’t. Another annoying thing: I kind of assume that whenever you are working out you get this urge to eat healthily. I don’t. Instead, I crave things like pizza and hamburgers and sweet potato fries.

Moving on to actual important things. I helped chaperone a large youth retreat this weekend, and, as always, I had a great time. Seeing teens alive in their faith is a beautiful thing. I got hours of adoration in, and on top of that I got to hang out with some of my favorite people over the weekend. Very lovely. One of the speakers for the event was this amazing woman – Gina Loehr. She is definitely fast becoming one of my favorite Catholic authors/speakers. First of all, she lives on a 60o acre dairy farm in WI. Immediate like. Second of all, she’s from Cincinnati! I just found out that she even had the same job as me on the West Side of Cincinnati. Another immediate like. Anyway, she gave several fantastic talks on holiness and what it means to live an authentic Christian life. She’s funny, enthusiastic, holy, and an authentically feminine woman. Beautiful. Her books are amazing! I have two of them, Choosing Beauty and The Four Teresas. Highly, highly recommend them both.

You know what else was great about this weekend? It finally turned fall. It’s chilly outside and it smells nice. Mmmmhmmm. I bought ingredients to make Caramel Apple Cider from the store today. Ohhhh YES.

On that note…….


One Comment to “Catholic Stuff and Fall-ish Things”

  1. I want to *like* this entire blog post. Seriously.
    Totally agree on the iPad. We were at the Apple store this morning (Brian joined the Mac world) and I played with one, and I still don’t understand the point.

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