Today was blog day. Every once in a while at work I have one of “those” days in which I: a) don’t feel like being productive; b) am exhausted; c) actually really don’t have any office work to do; or d) all of the above. Today was “d” day, or, in other words, “blog day.” This the time when I catch up on the Catholic news of the world. My finds today?

My first pick: “Welcome to the Culture,” which is about modern love. This gets my top vote for multiple reasons, one of them being that it was written by my lovely and intelligent roommate. A glimpse: “Clearly, seeing three young adults content without a date, without an overflowing wallet and without apparent concern for any of this was shocking.The confidence of an identity rooted in being a child of God and the knowledge that love is a true commitment to will the good of the other, not an elusive feeling to chase, were just as surprising to this woman as her newfound “love” was to us.  The bonfire encounter was a clash of cultures and identities.  Our answer to the question, “Who am I?” can be glimpsed in our decisions, attitudes and desires.”

Second place: Jennifer Fulwiler of  speaks on her conversion from atheism to Catholicism. It’s good.

Thirdly: this article on the Extraordinary vs. Ordinary Mass. I like it because so often the two are pitted against each other, and Monsignor Pope points out (charitably) that both are wonderful for their own reasons.

And lastly: This has a great photo and caption. Anything that’s titled “My Chocolate Heart” has to be worth reading. There’s some good info about the new contraceptive/abortifacient pill, ellaOne, in there as well.

Also, in case you were wondering, Black Walnut ice cream and the new M&M pretzels are both not worth trying. Just so you know.


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