Some things just make the world go round…

Can I just say how fabulous good coffee can be? Especially something as good as Coconut coffee. Yes. I promise that I won’t blame you if you just made a face at the computer screen and thought, “That girl is out of her mind. What the heck is Coconut coffee and who the heck drinks that?” Because that’s exactly what my coworker just did.

But, I must say that this coffee is amazing. Coffee Please is amazing. For those of you who have never been introduced to Coffee Please, let me just say that it only happens to be the best place to get black coffee in Cincinnati. Now, when I want something special (and expensive), like a White Chocolate Raspberry Mocha, then I’m heading to Starbucks or Caribou. No question. However, on those days when I just want straight caffeine I go to Coffee Please and indulge in some kind of marvelous coffee like “Southern Pecan” or “Cinnamon Swirl.” Coffee can motivate me to do a variety of things….my end of the year statistics included. So. Back to it.


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